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  • SkinnyGirl_Coffee_surface_bubbles4_Americano


    Inspired by the espresso-based drink, this coffeehouse favorite offers a little kick with big, bold dark roast flavors and full body. Just brew and enjoy.

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  • SkinnyGirl_ChocChai_04

    Chocolate Chai Latte

    A little twist on a classic chai latte, our Chocolate Chai Latte brews black tea with the perfect blend of warming spices and rich, dark chocolate. Just brew and enjoy.

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  • SkinnyGirl_WhiteCranCosmo_03a

    Cranberry Cosmo

    Just a hint of cranberry tartness livens up this all-natural sweet orange citrus white tea. Just brew, raise your cup and give a little β€˜cheers!’

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  • SkinnyGirl_Coffee_surface_bubbles4_Decaf

    Half Caff

    This rich, smooth medium blend uses 50% Swiss Water Process decaf beans for a delicious cup with half the caffeine kick.

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